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Forever News:


Our website is steady growing 


We are updating and adding things almost daily and there's still plenty of work to do. 

For instance there is a detail info page with pictures and characteristics for every single musician, which is still to come.

Please pay particular attention to our newsletter: Soon we will offer our songs for free, as announced. The free download link will sent to all newsletter members.

Just easily subscribe to our newletter and you'll get the link to download our promotion tape including even a CD-Cover.


Of course we'll annouce this compain as soon as possible.

How about joining now?



Thea, Heiko, Kris, Frank und Micha




We proudly present our new website!


Many thanx for a great job to our Management, to Exploding Art, to MURDOC the PSYCHO for graphic design, to 

ELROWIEL for programming and to Holger Fichtner from 360GradDesing for the pictures.


And now, please enjoy visiting our pages. 


For those who like to be be up-to-date, please feel free to subscripe to our newsletter.  



 "Good Nite" ;-)


Thea, Heiko, Kris, Frank und Micha


Home stretch


Our new website is about to be launched.

Watch out! 


Final spurt: We're about to finish the recordings for our upcoming promo CD.

As far as we can see, there will be seven tracks. 

By the way: ur website is to launched soon. Here you can find details about the band and it's musicians. Furthermore you are given the chance to download our Promo CD for free! Yes, you got it right: FOR FREE !!!


Any unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting is strictly requested ;-)


Interim result: On december the 6th 2011 we introduced the band "Forever Nite" to you on facebook. Although there was no homepage, no gigs, no CD, no Announcments, no you-tube-videos, no commercials, no nothing but bunch of songs, believe or not 285 fans "liked" the band within 7 weeks. That means almost 6 fans a day. We really appreciate that und would like to say "Thank you" to all follower, friends and fans!


Things to come: Recently we have been asked by many, if there is a chance to see the band live on stage. As soon as the Promo CD is done, we will start writing new songs - at least there is no gig without songs ;-)

Details about upcoming shows are going to be released at "tour" and of course on our facebook fanpage.



Having said this: "Good Nite" ;-)


Thea, Heiko, Kris, Frank und Micha